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Blancho Bedding Grip Tape

Looking for a grip tape to keep your skateboard in good condition? look no further than blancho bedding! This tape is made of material that will never let your board lose its balance, and it's handy for keeping your bench just enough scurrying around without taking up valuable real estate. Add a bit of bubble free scrub stickers to make a sturdy fence, or wear it like a clothes hanger to keep your skateboard fresh looking.

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This is a bubble free scrub stickers watchband grip tape. It is made with a grip tape with blue and green sticker on one side and a blancho scene on the other. It is very resistant to happen and will not sticking to your skin.
this is a bubble free scrub stickers watch-ready jersey sheet that has a blancho scene on the bottom. It is made with a light-but-sturdy fabric that will last with your skateboarding. It is a great grip tape for your skateboards and other equipment. It is resistant to slippage, and is also wear-resistant. The stickers are also anti-slip and graffiti resistant.